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Absolutely NOT. YOU decide what to throw away, give away or keep. My intention is not to "force" anyone to throw anything away. I am to be a support / guide and serve you with my knowledge in the field of decluttering. The final decision on what to do with the useless items is yours and yours alone.

No, the only thing you will need before the first session is to fill out a survey to better adapt the service to your needs.

There is no room for judgment in the LIG process. For me, there is no "worse" or "better" mess. That's why the first 30-minute, initial conversation is valuable to me, to show you that you can feel free and you don't have to be ashamed of anything.

It all depends on what you want to achieve by using my services.

The "LET IT GO" package leads to deeper changes in life and to living in a simpler, minimalist way. The package contains all the necessary elements to not only declutter your space, but also introduce new habits and clear your head.

In the “DECLUTTERING” package, we focus 90% on decluttering the specific space you indicate (1 large or 2 smaller ones). Development issues (searching for motivation and purpose and implementing new habits) are discussed, but to a much lesser extent than in the case of the "LET IT GO" package.

You will be surprised how much you can save by giving up unnecessary purchases. Instead of purchasing more items, you can spend the money on dinner with your loved ones or a trip - an experience beyond possession. You also gain valuable time because you don't have to deal with too many things that require your constant attention.

The LIG process is not based on finding organizational solutions. We discuss their implementation at the very end of our work, when we have a full picture of what we really have left after getting rid of unnecessary things.

The LIG process is in opposition to consumerism. I will not encourage you to make any purchases. On the contrary. We will use all the resources you have. You don't need a bigger wardrobe or a bigger house. You have everything you need. With my inspirations and tips, you will arrange your space yourself. If you want to use the services of a professional interior designer, I will gladly recommend you the right person.

All sessions are only online. My physical presence in your space is not necessary at all.

With a personalized action plan received after each session, you will be able to cope perfectly with the physical part of decluttering on your own.

Of course. I will advise on the best way to get rid of unwanted items, including how and to whom to transfer or sell them.

The estimated duration of the package was specified in each package. I will send you the final offer with the number of sessions and the duration of the package after our initial 30-minute conversation. Then you will have 2 calendar days (following the day the offer is sent by e-mail) to accept the offer.

Of course! On one condition - the people who own the space you mention must want it! Every person who wants to use the decluttering service is aware of the challenges and is ready for changes. We can't force anyone to change something they don't want to change.

If you suspect that you suffer from compulsive hoarding (hoarding disorder), or worse, Diogenes syndrome, i.e. a disorder that, in addition to hoarding, occurs along with drastic neglect of oneself, personal hygiene and sanitary rules at home, you should seek specialist psychological help.

The content of the Terms and Conditions you will find on my website.

I will also send you the Terms of Service by e-mail along with the final wording of the offer. I will also ask you to read the Terms of Service before starting the first session. 

Detailed information on withdrawal from the contract or the possibility of postponing a given session can be found in the document on this website - the Terms and Conditions.


Payment for services is made in EUR (Euro).

NO. As an entrepreneur registered in the Netherlands, I am not a VAT payer. However, I have a European NIP number (VAT EU), thanks to which I can issue an invoice to private persons and entrepreneurs from other EU countries.

After an initial, approximately 30-minute conversation, you will receive the final offer by e-mail. After accepting it (concluding the contract), you will be asked to pay the full price of the package to the bank account indicated by me within 48 hours from the moment you send your e-mail acceptance of the offer.

Detailed information on the principles of our cooperation can be found in Terms and Conditions.

The customer makes the payment to the bank account indicated by me within 48 hours from the moment of accepting the offer and the Terms and Conditions for the provision of services. All information necessary to pay the fee will be provided to the client after the initial conversation (along with the offer and the Terms and Conditions).

There is an installment payment option only for the "LET IT GO" package (2 installments). Detailed information can be found in  Terms and Conditions.


Each session is completely confidential, and only me and the client have access to information related to the service provided.

More information on privacy can be found in the Privacy and cookies policy.

I will be happy to use the photos/videos you provide to update my portfolio. However, your written consent (in the form of an e-mail) to their use will be necessary.

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