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My name is Kasia Sierant and I'm a decluttering coach. Decluttering as well as teaching, eating delicious food and traveling is my passion!

At work, I use my skills of understanding the needs of others, minimizing, simplifying, planning and organizing.

I support the idea of "less is more" and I deeply believe that striving for minimalism, also through decluttering, brings only benefits in life in the form of more time, money, peace and life satisfaction!

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My mission in life has always been to help others and do things "from the heart". Values such as uthenticity, health, consistency and empathy are my compass, and the greatest satisfaction for me comes from... the client's satisfaction with his "decluttering" achievements!

In my work I use the idea of minimalism and the zero waste principle. As a minimalist, I fully believe that getting rid of what is unnecessary in our living space leads to profound changes both in you and your surroundings.

Declutter your space to declutter your mind!


Decluttering online makes a lot of sense!

By making independent decisions and organizing the space with your own hands, you will take a milestone that will allow you to avoid returning to your previous habits. Your space is not meant to become perfect. It should be what you dream of!

Organizing space? why not, but...

I deeply believe that it will not be needed, because you will clutter up your space so that there will be nothing to organize. We won't spend hours buying and arranging beautiful boxes or dividers. I want you to use all your resources. And I think there's a lot of it! We will strengthen the feeling of gratitude, learn to practice generosity, and eliminate the words "it can be useful" from your vocabulary.

Let me accompany you on your way to discovering a new quality of your life!

And now… LET IT GO!


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