I invite you to check the effects of my cooperation with clients and their opinions.

What you won't find in the photos are CHANGES IN LIFESTYLE AND WAY OF THINKING - a feeling of freedom, a change in the approach to shopping, a greater level of concentration, more time for experiences, a lack of tension in the body or greater satisfaction with your life!


Check what my clients, whom I hope you will join soon, say about working with me.

I had the pleasure of participating in an online decluttering session led by Kasia Sierant and it was a completely new and surprising experience for me! Instead of the expected traditional decluttering with boxes and throwing away unnecessary items, I realized that the main element is a change of mentality. Kasia has an extraordinary ability to listen and notice details. With her help, I tried to organize my son's room. Even though she doesn't have children herself, she did an excellent job of respecting this small, children's space. The biggest discovery for me was that decluttering is aimed at taking care of our own well-being, not just tidying things up. Kasia's support and practical advice turned out to be invaluable, and working with her is not only about decluttering the space, but above all, working on yourself.
Ola M.
Ola M.
Website designer
I have liked minimalism since I was a child, but for several years I have had a big problem with the category: papers/documents. Our online meetings were both very professional, but also full of humor and lightness, as a result of which I gained a deep insight into my own blockages, and thus - how to deal with them in moments when it seems too difficult for me. It was like a combination of therapy and coaching for me. I really appreciate the new habits that I am working on now - thanks to them I make quick decisions and I don't create more paper piles in my house. After sessions with Kasia, I often had a lot of energy, which I used to declutter other places in the house: wardrobes, kitchen, bathroom - I approached them with more clarity, so now I have more time. Another very valuable insight for me in the process of taking care of my own space, both external and internal, is the ability to tenderly accept and embrace my own perfectionism. It turned out that with it it is more difficult to be satisfied.... Now I am learning to appreciate my small steps in the right direction, thank myself, reward myself - and for this lesson I am most grateful to Kasia. I have a lot of clear space for rest, family relaxation and playing with my child, but also a lot of energy for new professional challenges. I heartily recommend Kasia's services to all those who do not want to postpone life for later.
klientka Monika L.
Monika L.
Kasia helped me to declutter the space in my wardrobe. The conversation and tips helped me get rid of the excess of unnecessary things that I had kept for years. Now I am happy that my wardrobe is tidy and the clothes found their second owners. I was sceptial about the process, and now I wish I had done it sooner. Fewer things mean more money, less cleaning, and thus more time for me. Kasia approached the whole process professionally and adjusted everything to my individual needs, for which I am very grateful. Thank you!
klientka Daria K.
Daria K.
I started decluttering basement with Kasia very reluctantly, because the thought of starting cleaning in this place discouraged me enormously. I've been getting ready for this for 10 years, or rather I could say that it took me 10 years to clutter this place and abandon unnecessary things in this place that I didn't know what to do with. Already after the first consultation with Kasia, a huge motivation to act was born in me, which effectively turned into actions and just 2 days after the consultation, I did the first "basement" cleaning. Thanks to Kasia, the subsequent tidying stages went more and more efficiently, and the visible results motivated me even more to complete this task faster. My "5 steps down" to the basement were enough to make this place transparent, spacious and, above all, orderly after more than 10 years, and at the same time redundant things accumulated over the years were properly "placed". With great conviction and firmness, I can recommend working with Kasia to all those who for years have wanted to face the "mess" in various places of their own home, who have been delaying such action for years because they do not believe that it will be possible. It is possible and very easy! And honestly, I would never have thought that such cooperation could bring motivation and such effects that I did not expect.
klientka Sandra L.
Sandra L.
Kasia helped me deal with the attic. For several years, we only stored more equipment, toys and clothes there. Since we rarely go there, I didn't see much of a problem with it, until there was a problem with the attic passage. Kasia encouraged me to roll up my sleeves, and since she immediately presented me with a clear action plan and tips on what and where to put away, how to segregate all items, what to do with those that can be used (but not by me) and which should be thrown away, or finally (probably the most important) - not to get discouraged at the first difficulties and doubts. Thanks to this, I was able to clean up in one afternoon. You can see that Kasia knows her stuff and organized life in many attics, because nothing surprised me during the tidying up. I was pleasantly surprised by the numerous treasures found in the attic and, above all, the amount of space that was made there!
klientka Asia P.
Asia P.
Project Manager
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